q4wine was initially written by Alaxey S. Malakhov

General idea comes from WineTools script which was initially written by Frank Hendriksen. It is licensed under the terms of GPLv3.

Send comments, bugreports, etc. to me ;)

Note: This software comes with absolutely no warranty. You will NOT get any support or help for WineTools, Wine, software installations, Linux or Microsoft Windows from the author.

If you need help, ask the mailing lists at http://www.winehq.org/site/forums.

If you want support, buy the commercial versions of wine: CodeWeavers CrossOver Office http://www.codeweavers.com for Desktop Applications.


-NOTE- This instructions may be outdated, please see last version of this howto here:


If you plan to use kdesu\gksu\xdg-su, then you might add folowing lines to /etc/sudoers (use visudo)

---------- Cut here -------------------------

Cmnd_Alias Q4WINE_COMMS=/sbin/losetup User_Alias Q4WINE_USERS=%games,%users


---------- End of Cut -----------------------

This will allow to run /sbin/losetup, which is used for building mounted iso's menu list, with out prompting root password.

Otherwise you can't get mount menu working =)


In q4wine build root run: xargs rm < install_manifest.txt


See changelog file for details


Alexey S. Malakhov q4wine ( http://q4wine.brezblock.org.ua ) lead developer BrezBlock ( http://brezblock.org.ua ) maintainer e-mail: brezerk@gmail.com web: http://brezblock.org.ua BrezBlock, Kiev, Ukraine